Color Match

Color Match

Color Match is an addictive and simple puzzle game in which you try to color the whole tile board in one color. Enjoy beautiful background music while you play.

Now with the new game mode "Daily Challenge"

This app is supported by ads that can be disabled with an upgrade package. The upgrade package also includes other benefits and will receive new game modes in coming updates.

The goal is to convert every tile on the board to one color. Start by changing the color of the tile in the upper left corner to that of an adjacent tile by selecting and tapping that color button below the board. Try to match all tiles in as few moves as possible.


About us

Our 'team' (if you can call one person a team)  are programming enthusiasts residing near Cologne in Germany. We don't think there is anything better than writing beautiful, efficient code! Except positive feedbacks from our users, perhaps.

We always strive to find the best solution and fastest algorithms for our apps.

Our story began in August 2010 when our founder Stefan started to develop our first app "Bahn Connector". We have learned a lot since then, and continue to learn new things all the time. Now, after about 30 Updates, "Bahn Connector" is one of the highest ranked apps in the German Windows Phone Store and our users love it.

We have multiple apps planned for both Windows Phone and Windows 8, a few small games and at least one big game.

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